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Lifelock was co-founded by Todd Davis and Robert J Maynard who were disappointed with the growing world economy's influence on cyber crime and the expansion of identity fraud. In 2005 the duo consulted various financial institutions, including the three major credit reporting companies, Experian, Equifax, and Trans-Union to develop a system of providing protection against identity theft. They automated the process of alerting their customers to potential unauthorized access to their credit.

Lifelock has endured a number of recent controversies, allegations, and lawsuits including CEO Todd Davis becoming a victim himself of identity theft in at least 13 separate cases since 2007, a class action lawsuit for misleading advertising claims, and being sued by one of their partners, Experian, for fraud. In spite of historic controversy, Lifelock has regrouped and launched a recent national advertising campaign to help clean up their image.

Does the Lifelock philosophy of protecting your identity work? Is there any value? Our examination of their protect reveals all you need to know.

Product Details
Lifelock offers two simple plans for identity protection:

The Lifelock plan ($10/month)
It's the LifeLock’s identity theft protection service and $1 Million Total Service Guarantee. This system offers:
• Notification of credit and noncredit threats within their network.
• Monitoring of known criminal websites for illegal trading of personal information.
• Stolen or lost wallet remediation service.
• Direct access to fraud resolution teams within their network.

The Lifelock Ultimate Plus plan ($30/month)
It's their premium plan, which they call "the ultimate in identity theft protection." This system offers all of the above plus:
• Alerts when new checking and savings accounts are opened.
• Scans for changes to contact information on existing checking and savings accounts.
• Tri-bureau credit report alerts.
• 24/7 online access to your annual TransUnion credit report and score.

They claim that this is the "most comprehensive identity theft protection in the industry" but as we've found, these products really only offer the basic minimum that all other programs offer. Lifelock was one of the first companies to offer extensive identity theft protection services. They have lead the way, but as criminal behavior has become more advanced over the past several years, Their protection has remained the same. Lifelock has not innovated since 2005 and offer the same services, most of which are available for free with your basic savings account and credit card.

When searching for Identity Theft services, the more advanced identity theft protection plans not only offer credit monitoring, as Lifelock does, but protection of your personal data, limiting the criminals ability to steal your identity and sensitive financial data.

The Good
• Lifelock website has a wealth of information about their products, including information about their Identity theft protection program.
• Lifelock website offers an auto-enrollment subscription service to keep users safe and secure with no break in service.
• Website offers testimonials and stories from real users.

The Bad
• Product is often times confusing and convoluted.
• We’d like to see all their benefits at one low price instead of a number of add-ons with little value.
• Lifelock sells for $30 a month, which is significantly higher compared to most identity theft offers, with no apparent benefits.

The Bottom Line
Lifelock has a very appealing website and advertising campaign that wants you to believe it’s the greatest product on the market. The problem is, their big advertising budget hides the fact that their service isn't as robust as the competition. There are numerous identity theft protection plans on the market that offer more for less. We would encourage consumers to look for products like these to get the greatest benefit for their money, to protect their money.

Our Rating
Click here to visit the Lifelock website

Top Choice for 2017: Identity Guard®
After inspecting a number of identity theft protection programs, Identity Guard Total Protection has become our top choice. This product offers customers a 30-day trial offer that includes email, text, and phone alerts, 3 credit scores, comprehensive identity monitoring features, as well as the personal ID theft response team and internet surveillance. No other program combines all these services into one program. When you factor in the trial offer and all the ID Theft prevention and protection services, it's easy to see why Identity Guard Total Protection is our top identity theft protection program.

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